Why Verdecilia?

Verdecilia is VEneto, saRDEgna and siCILIA,

compressed and mixed in one single country.

Who are we?

We are Alessio, Alessandra, Luca and Alice.

We live in four different cities:
Cagliari, Palermo, Verona and Treviso.

We created Verdecilia to find a place
to where this distance doesn't matter.

Population changes everyday and so geography,
distances doesn’t matter.

Every language is spoken here.
Travel is not a problem thanks to

advanced technological progress.

Verdecilia is both south and north, east and west.
It isn’t near and it isn’t far, precisely is nowhere
but you can visit it anytime, even during coffee break.

Are you planning to visit Verdecilia for your holidays?

You can have the best sightseeing available. 


Click to see the map!

How Verdecilia actually works:

Alessio Carboni, Alessandra Comparetto, Luca Galvani, Alice Nascimben

ISIA U — Workshop Embodying Infrastructure, w/ Mario Santamaría — 2020

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